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SMOOTH CUT Stump Grinders:

  • Two pair of remote hydraulic outlets are requried on the tractor to operate the stump grinder
  • SG-26 designed for tractors 22-50 PTO HP; SG-36 designed for tractors 45-100 PTO HP
  • Cutting wheel design provides a smoother cutting action and increased productivity
  • Durable carbide-tipped cutting teeth are economical and easy to replace
  • Maneuverable - goes anywhere a tractor can; gets into tight places
  • Easy to operate - hydraulic controls allow easy operation from the seat of the tractor using existing hydraulic controls
  • Heavy duty bushings with grease zerks are used at major pivot points for increased reliability and extended service life
  • Standard pressure relief valve for even control of cutting feed rate
  • Pressure relief valve helps reduce hydraulic oil heat buildup keeping tractor hydraulics cooler
  • Rubber deflector helps control chips and debris during grinding
  • Parking stand for easy storage

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