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  • Tanks are made of reinforced polyethylene with
    smooth lines that are gentle on plants
  • High pressure piston diaphragm pumps
  • One speed gearbox with neutral
  • High speed fans with adjustable blades
  • Pressure regulator valve with manual controls
  • Large tank sump for agitation and clean out
  • High pressure jet agitation
  • Large suction filter with shut-off valve
  • Stainless steel manifolds with anti-drip nozzles
  • Fan shield to prevent trash pick-up in fan
  • Clean water 4 gallon tank for hand washing

APL-G Series Air Blast Sprayers have many outstanding features such as reinforces polyethylene tanks suspended from a tubular steel frame, powder coat painted frame and fan housing, 3 piston diaphragm pumps, high speed fans with adjustable blades, gearbox with neutral for handgun and boom operations, fan deflectors to direct the spray where required, and a hand wash tank for convenience and safety.

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Ecomomy Air Blast Sprayer 100 gal Rankin 375 lbs. Enter Qty

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