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Lonestar Rakes are the premier hay rakes designed for operations looking to produce consistent uniform windrows and the cleanest hay on the market. Cleaner hay brings higher returns and provides the highest quality feed to ensure animals receive proper nutrients. Research has documented that basket raked hay contains significantly less contaminants (dirt, rocks, and debris) and has less leaf loss compared to traditional finger wheel and rotary rakes. Lonestar Hay Rakes are designed for functionality and longevity in today's demanding markets. Hydraulically driven rubber mounted tines allow the operator to match the basket and ground speed to the crop conditions to produce consistent windrows that dry faster ready for baling sooner. Offset wheels follow ground contours and baskets can be hydraulically raised if needed to avoid obstacles. Lonestar Rakes are part of the Twinstar Basket Rake family designed for demanding conditions and for operators who expect reliability and longevity.

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