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The Verminator was originally developed to stand up to the rugged demands of Northwest farmers, with abrasive soil conditions and high gopher populations. The machines on the market simply would not hold up when used in Alfalfa and the Tree Farms of the Northwest. The Verminator was designed in Washington State in the mid 90’s with the goal of building a machine that would hold up to tough, abrasive soils and make a quality tunnel for bait placement. The Verminator’s sole purpose is to reliably control gopher populations year after year. Over the years we have continued to improve our burrow builder. Today, the Verminator is still the best built burrow building machine you can buy with unmatched results in controlling gophers.

  • The BEST choice for commercial farmers w/over 40 acres
  • Steel Tunnel Tube
  • Parabolic shaped hardened alloy point (replaceable)
  • Large removable sight glass
  • Removable rear clean out plug
  • Clear site tube for monitoring bait placement
  • Divided hopper holds over 10 gallons of bait
  • High strength fabricated frame designed to be used acre after acre
  • Adjustable, steerable coulter assembly (spring cushioned)
  • Quick Hitch compatible, Cat. 1 & 2 three point hitch
  • Easy to use storage legs
  • 15" rear tire is loaded with BioBallast
  • Tapered roller bearing hub assembly
  • Spring loaded chain idler
  • Eze-adjust turnbuckle system for setting machine depth
  • Maximum Tractor Size: 200 hp
  • Minimum Tractor Size: 35 hp
  • Tire Scraper standard equipment
  • 640 lbs

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