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Single Disc Spreader

ES 100 M1 Classic

This spreader is ideal for grass seeds, single-variety cover crops, slug pellets and similar granular products (not fertilizers). The lightweight poly hopper has 3.53 cubic feet (2.84 bushels) of capacity and is impervious to the environment. The 2.1 Electric Controller sets speed (which determines the width) from your cab and an adjustable slide gate quickly sets the seeding rate.


  • High quality controller
  • Standard fixed agitator
  • Relieves bridged / compacted material
  • Easily adjust working width (6.5-78 ft.) from the driver's seat
  • Durable polyethylene tank with hard poly attached cover
  • Precise application rates
  • No PTO required
  • One-year warranty

    Items Included:

  • Complete spreader with electrically driven spreader impeller and 2 adjustable impeller blades
  • Electric 2.10 Controller with mountable steel bracket
  • Adaptor sleeve to extend the agitator for grasses
  • 3 guide plates, upper linkage mounting mechanism and counter plate
  • 9.8 ft cable to supply power from the battery to the controller
  • 19.7 ft cable to supply power from the spreader to the controller
  • Agitator grid
  • Operating manual and carrier

    This calibration bag can only be used in combination with the guard bar fastered on the spreader.

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