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800 426 2009

ES 100 M3 SPECIAL - Single Disc Spreader

Accurate spreading of slug pellets and more at wide widths.

Just like the ES 100 M Classic, the ES 100 M3 Special is well suited for spreading catch crops, grass seeds, nurse crops, slug pellets and similar granules. With the integrated point of impact adjustment and the tilted spreading disc with special toss paddles, you will achieve larger working widths and a more precise spreading pattern.


  • Best lateral distribution for slug pellets available among Disc Spreaders on the market (certified by independent testing institutes / specialist publications)
  • Point of impact adjustment for setting the spreading pattern
  • Hopper discharge port
  • Automatic shuter (varioius tractor linkage sensors possible) - Please order your desired sensor according to selective list
  • Tested by the IRSTEA institute!

Items Included:

  • Electric Controller 3.5 with steel bracket for mounting in the driver's cab
  • Complete spreader with electric spreading disc and 2 toss paddles
  • Adaptor sleeves to extend agitator for grass
  • 4.92" cable for power supply from the 3-pin plug to the controller, 19.7" cable from the spreader to the controller.

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