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800 426 2009

PS 120 M1 / 200 M1

For small to mid sized tasks, these Pneumatic Seeders cover almost all applications in modern agriculture. Precise metering takes place via the seeding shaft. The spreading close to the soil via hoses and dispersion plates promises exact placement of greening, nurse crops, reseeding grass, and much more. You choose individually one of our controllers that matches your needs.

Items Included:

  • Complete with 82 feet of 1" diameter tubing
  • Metering roll for fine seed, metering roll for coarse seed
  • 19.7 feet cable (seeder to controller)Calibration slide, counter plalte, calibration bag, scale for seed
  • Eight (8) dispersion plates and four (4) hexagonal bars (for mounting of dispersion plates)
  • Foreign particle grate (prevents foreign matter from harming the seeder
  • Necessary tool to remove the drive covers
  • Agitator

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