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About Rankin Equipment Co.
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Rankin Equipment Co. is recognized as a leader in the Pacific Northwest in providing attachments and equipment for farm, landscape and construction industries. For over 60 years Rankin Equipment has been marketing and distributing a broad range of products exclusively to retail equipment dealers. Today, our customers include: Farm Equipment, Landscape Equipment and Construction Equipment Dealers.

We are consultants and advisors of short line equipment. We work with progressive dealers to help them achieve their goals for the attachment and equipment segment of their business. Rankin Equipment offers profitable solutions to dealers by providing innovative and high quality products, product knowledge through sales training, product demonstrations and assisting dealers in marketing. We stock a large inventory of fast moving attachments and equipment to provide our dealers a high level of service. We also stock a large supply of replacement parts to support our wholesale products. Rankin Equipment has a very experienced and professional staff dedicated to providing outstanding service to our dealer network.

Rankin Equipment also owns Northstar Attachments LLC., a manufacturing company. This vertical integration strengthens our ability to serve our customers by providing them with niche products designed for the specific markets they serve.

Rankin Equipment Co. continues to look to the future and is committed to understanding the unique needs of our dealers and their customers by providing the right solutions to their attachment and equipment requirements.


We Help Our Partners Achieve Extraordinary Success by Providing Industry Leading,
Innovative and Labor Saving Products!


I - Integrity
We are people of our word. Our guiding principle is straight talk. We focus on delivering promised results and communicating progress clearly. We do the right thing, especially when no one else is watching. We own our mistakes.

D - Dedicated
Loyalty and commitment are essential to the Company, to the Team and to each individual. We listen to our Customers and to each other; dedicated to mutually beneficial and respectful outcomes. When we make commitments and give our word, we follow through on our promises.

E - Enthusiastic
We live each day with enthusiasm and passion. We are passionate about what we sell and create resulting in customer pleasing outcomes. We lead, drive, work, manage and deliver results that consistently exceed expectations.

A - Adaptable
We never give up. We keep an open mind. We go the extra mile. We actively look for better ways and better solutions to get things done that enhance our brand and reputation. We commit to changing in positive ways, and influence outcomes from a position of positive leadership

S - Smart
We are confident in our knowledge, experience and skills. We understand the needs of our customers, our products and our industry. Our continuous personal and professional growth is our way.

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Innovative, Rugged & Labor Saving Attachments