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Rankin Equipment Co. is recognized as a leader in the Pacific Northwest in providing attachments and equipment for farm, landscape and construction industries. For over 70 years Rankin Equipment has been marketing and distributing a broad range of products exclusively to retail equipment dealers. Today, our customers include: Farm Equipment, Landscape Equipment and Construction Equipment Dealers.

We are consultants and advisors of short line equipment. We work with progressive dealers to help them achieve their goals for the attachment and equipment segment of their business. Rankin Equipment offers profitable solutions to dealers by providing innovative and high quality products, product knowledge through sales training, product demonstrations and assisting dealers in marketing. We stock a large inventory of fast moving attachments and equipment to provide our dealers a high level of service. We also stock a large supply of replacement parts to support our wholesale products. Rankin Equipment has a very experienced and professional staff dedicated to providing outstanding service to our dealer network.



Rankin Equipment also owns Northstar Attachments LLC., our manufacturing division. This vertical integration strengthens our ability to serve our customers by providing products designed for the Pacific Northwest. Rankin Equipment continues to look to the future and is committed to understanding the unique needs of our dealers and their customers by providing the right solutions to their attachment and equipment requirements.

"We innovate to make farmers, homeowners, and contractors successful through our network of dealers and distributors"


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Being a team player means we work well with others which in turn helps us complete our projects and goals. Working as a team ensures our work gets accomplished on time and everyone on a project contributes. Collaborative team players help our organization to succeed and support a healthy work environment

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Diligence is a valuable asset. Being diligent helps accomplish tasks using great care and attention to detail. Employees with a diligent work ethic show initiative, are reliable, and disciplined which in turn helps us build a better organization.

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To run a successful business, you must have team members you can depend on. Dedicated employees have the following traits:

- Positive attitude and demeanor in personal interactions with fellow employees and customers
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Quality is the backbone of every business, because quality is what creates reputation, word of mouth and repeat business. A commitment to quality starts with our people and processes to ensure quality standards are met. This includes selecting a product, product design, receiving, manufacturing and delivery. A commitment to quality means we source and produce products that meet or exceeds our customer’s expectations which is essential to building a successful company!


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